What Type of Chimney Inspection Should You Get?

A thorough¬†Chimney Inspection Charleston SC¬†is crucial to the safety of your home. A chimney inspection is the best way to ensure that your system is safe and is performing correctly. It can help prevent expensive repairs and fire hazards and gives you peace of mind. It’s essential if you’re planning on making any changes to your system. A professional can identify any issues early and prevent them from causing you any additional harm. If you’ve already contacted a chimney inspection company, consider their recommendations as a starting point.

Chimney Repair

Before hiring a contractor to inspect your chimney, you should understand what each type of inspection entails. A basic inspection is not enough to determine whether your chimney needs repair. You also need to know what kind of inspection you can expect from a Level 2 chimney inspector. This type of inspection includes a visual inspection of internal surfaces and joints. The level 2 inspection may also include video scanning your chimney to identify cracks and damage to mortar joints.

There are three levels of inspection available: Level One, Level Two, and Stage Three. Level One inspections require primary access to the chimney and do not require specialized tools. They’re an inexpensive way to ensure your fireplace is safe during the winter and when the temperature drops. However, you should consider hiring a Level 3 inspector if you suspect there’s a problem that requires dismantling the entire chimney. For a Level 3 inspection, you need to be aware of the specific hazards that need to be addressed and know how to handle them.

A Level 2 inspection includes all of the features of a Level I inspection and looks at the structure of your chimney. This inspection requires camera equipment to see any visible damage and can access parts of your chimney that are otherwise inaccessible. It may also include a visit to your crawl space or basement. Depending on the level of the inspection, you may need a Level 3 inspection. You should never skip a chimney inspection.

When hiring a chimney inspection service, ensure that they have a solid reputation and extensive knowledge of chimney systems. An experienced inspector will educate you about the chimney and help you decide on the type of inspection you need. A good inspector will provide a report detailing their findings and provide you with photo documentation. Often, chimney inspection reports are very technical. Your safety is in their hands, so it’s in your best interest to have one done before purchasing your home.

Before hiring a chimney inspector, ask them to provide you with a detailed report of their inspection. Your chimney inspector will check for structural integrity and ensure that your appliance connections and chimney are working properly. A Level 1 inspection will determine whether your chimney is structurally sound and is free of combustible deposits. It may be all you need for now. A Level 2 inspection, on the other hand, will cover all of the above and much more.

A professional chimney inspection will also check for creosote buildup. Creosote is a dangerous substance that can open fire if left unchecked. If you do not have a regular inspection, you may experience carbon monoxide poisoning. You can avoid this risk by hiring a professional by scheduling a visit with a chimney inspector. The professionals at a Chimney inspection company will conduct a thorough inspection and ensure that you know the facts about the chimney and its importance.

When choosing a chimney inspection company, ask for references from past customers and check the company’s insurance status. You should expect a level one inspection to cost between $100 and $200. If you’d like to get the level two and level three inspection, you should spend anywhere between $79 to $600. Chimney inspection costs will vary from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on how accessible your chimney is. Regardless of the level of inspection, it is recommended to have one performed every few years to be sure of what your chimney is doing.

Chimney inspections are necessary for your protection. If you’re looking to sell your house or change fuel, Level Two inspections are required. Home inspectors lack the skills required to inspect chimneys properly. Licensed chimney companies perform these inspections to ensure your chimney is safe for use and living in. A Level Two inspection should cover everything done in Level One and more, including a video scan of the flue system.