So your move out date is coming and your pets can feel the energy in the air as you’re frantically accounting for every item around your house. Although it’s important not to forget anything important, it’s best not to drive yourself crazy. Moving is stressful enough!

A moving company out of Colorado Springs has come up with a checklist of things to consider the days leading up to your move out. This list is helpful and has helped me many times traveling in a military family. –Most military personnel will travel quite often in their careers as they are being placed at different duty stations around the United States and abroad.

Checklist to consider when moving state-to-state

This checklist was developed after years of working with military and residents of Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is rated one of the best places to live and population has almost quadrupled in just 10 years!! If anyone knows what you should or shouldn’t forget when it comes to your move, it’s going to be these guys. Here’s what this Colorado Springs Moving Company considers to be the most important things to remember before your move out:

  • Be sure to review all laws and city/municipal laws and regulations before making your journey.
  • Consider extra protection for your valuables; wine bottles, picture frames, hand crafted jewelry …
  • Plan ahead – Will you be without your things for days? Weeks? Months?
  • Know your bills! Know what to expect with your new move on the difference in cost to your budget.
  • Have kids? Check the school district you’ll be moving to and check the reviews!
  • Specialty antique furniture you want to protect needs to be communicated with your moving company.

New moves can be scary for your pets too be sure to comfort them during and even after the move. The stress on your pets in having a new environment to learn and claim, help make it fun for them by bringing along their favorite toys and treats.